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SPORTS TIME EUROPE offers customized event & program solutions which are affordable, convenient, and above all, unforgettable experiences for our clients. From large groups to individuals, we can meet your business and social objectives. We work with you to create packages that include access to games, hotel accommodations, dining experiences and ground transportation all supported by our on-site staff during a variety of sports events.

Our office infrastructure gives SPORTS TIME EUROPE the base to put all the necessary offers together. It all starts in our Head Office based in Europe where we design and implement new programs and administrate. Our strategy for marketing is the successful operation of all events and programs themselves. It’s the word of mouth that provides our base each year.

The player plays the game, parents and family enjoy watching the game, coaches and scouts concentrate on the players of game. Let us do the work for you! We ensure that you get all the services you have required: accommodation, game tickets, ground transportation, vacation packages, catering, incentives and special events.





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Ms. Peggy Fitzpatrick‘s relationship with sport started in 2001 at the IIHF World Championship held in Hannover, Nurnberg and Cologne, Germany. Since then Peggy has worked small and large sports events including the 2006 and 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Torino and Vancouver. She has also worked in the annual IIHF Championship Program specifically in Europe such as World U18 Championships, World Junior Championships and World Senior Championships.

Peggy Fitzpatrick

Founder & CEO

Ms. Sylvia Gramann is a very enthusiastic and dynamic woman who has made her experiences in the hotel business and the tourism industry before starting with her own company. For 15 years Sylvia and her team have been organizing conferences, events and individual tours for companies and institutions both in Germany and internationally.

Sylvia Gramann-Taraba

Senior manager Global programs

Mr. Fitzpatrick held the position of Sport Director for the International Ice Hockey Federation located in Zürich, Switzerland, from June 1995 through to June 2018. During his 23 year tenure with the IIHF Dave worked with the IIHF Council and Congresses along with numerous Committees within the IIHF. Dave was responsible for the sport issues including the structuring and management of all IIHF competitions, Olympic Winter Games, player eligibility, player transfers, all IIHF educational programs, IIHF working committees, IIHF Sport Department staff and budgets, IIHF Anti-Doping Program, IIHF licensed Referees and Linesmen, Referee Supervisors, Medical Supervisors and Result Managers for all IIHF competitions.

Dave Fitzpatrick

International sport consultant

On site

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